Giveaway: You Know Me Well & Paperchase Stationery (MY Only!)

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To celebrate the launch of my new blog, I am doing a small giveaway to show my gratitude to all of my book ish friends who have supported me since my Instagram days back in 2013 😀

Here are the contents of the giveaway for one very lucky winner!

A newly released YA novel by Nina LaCour & David Levithan: You Know Me Well

And some cute Paperchase postcards! (Paperchase is my favourite stationary shop so far here in the UK)

Before entering this giveaway, make sure you adhere to these rules:

  1. Must be of Malaysian nationality (so sorry to my international friends!).
  2. If you are 18 and under make sure you have your parents permission to give your address to me in case you win.

To enter the giveaway, just follow these simple steps:

  • Follow this blog (button on the right sidebar)
  • Share this post on your social media…

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Find a photo and write what’s not in the picture.

As usual, here’s one of the prompt that i find interesting to write on.


i honestly dont know how to crop from this website

Alright, here’s a picture of my (baby) Josh Hutcherson! Now, obviously the other squad of the Trio is not in this picture. Please tell me you know who i am referring to?? Okay it’s Jennifer and Liam. 

Honestly I ship Joshifer hard, but I know there are cool as friends. But I’ve seen photos of Jennifer and Liam and fans shipping Jiam?? Im not really sure what should i feel about it, but i kind of feel like they have something hidden that we don’t know. Could it be a love spark? 😭  

I’ve also heard that Jenniffer calls Liam little bear for some reason I don’t quite remember.. Anyways I’m excited for Jen’s new movie called Joy! I can’t wait for it to arriver here in Malaysia. 

Alright there you go, my attempt on trying to talk on things OTHER than Josh. I did it, applause. 

That’s all from me, until next post. Bye. 

Ps: On a second thought, I don’t want to post my poem from wattpad because it’s embarrassing. 

Happy New Year everyone! Lol 💞

Pros of writing

So what’s with writing? It’s the thing that they can’t make you stop, and only wanting to write more. Now more prompts? Yay!

Finish this sentence: The smell of an orange reminds me of….

Now, the smell of orange reminds me of orange cake that my aunt loves to bake. You know how they grate the skin of the orange to give you the flavors in the cake? Yeah that one. 

Weirdly enough, it does not only remind me of orange cake, but also lemon cakes! I don’t know why, but specifically the lemon cake from a book I’ve once read when i was in highschool. The book is about how a girl ate her mother’s lemon cake one day and somehow can feel her mother feelings through the cake afterward. Ikr?? Im sorry I couldn’t put them in a better sentence but I don’t know how to describe about it. 

God help im such a suckish in writing!!!!! But i love ittt, honestly i also not sure why im living my life complicated. 

That’s all from me (for now) do expect more updates in the future!! Haha ((pls i assure)) 

My Life Story in 5 sentences

Hi again people! (After so long, i know). So here’s an essay prompt from 21 creative writing essays that apparently i didn’t managed to follow. But im feeling like doing this one after a conversation with my friend. 

🌸 I find it hard to talk to new people in my life, sometimes if they look scary.

🌸 I’m still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts¿¿ (excuse meee)

🌸 I can drive better alone, compared when I’m with company (atleast that’s what i think)

🌸 I just recently redecorated my room with white furnitures from Ikea and my whole room smells like Ikea?? Haha

🌸 I happened to fall in love with planners and decorating them with lots of cute stickers and washi tapes but they are not as cheap as in the States but I don’t care (phew thats a long sentence)

-updated version:

Okay i know its supposed to be only 5 but who cares if i insisted on having more!! Yeahhh so like my friend adviced me to bend the rules (very nice friend, he is) im just gonna add one more ok! 

🌸 I like to pretend I’m in my own cooking show when i TRIED to cook something (honestly trust me when i said tried because im never really good in cooking) but god i do love cooking shows, hence number six! 😉 loveyall.

That’s all i guesss for this essay prompt. Im looking forward to write more though, oh i might put up my poem that i wrote in wattpad (recently started too don’t ask) 

Love u guys! 

Ps: second semester is starting at 4th January should i be excited or nervous¿

Fading like your shadow

Remember the first day we talked to each other

with that sweet smile of yours

I know we could be together all the time

with that sweet voice of yours

I always loved it when you called my name

Still longing for the voice to reach me

But I’m only having a dream in the daylight


Remember the day when  we parted

You were the hardest goodbye

with the warmest and longest hug

I still long for that


I would be lying if I say

I didn’t miss any of that

But secretly wishing

we were never that close

because seeing you so far away today

made me doubt of what we were in the past


Were we only good friends..?

Or probably just friends that talk occasionally..?

Or was it we were friends for THAT moment only..?



The easily-attached friend




(I am not skipping the second topic,  I swear)

Think about your day so far (even if it’s still morning). What’s the highlight at this point?

Now, today has been great. I have to admit it is the most productive day since I sat for SAT on Nov 7th (you may do the maths).

After early moning shower, though not very early..  I had my breakfast. So then I head to my room with the greatest determination to do some makeover for it! I’m halfway there, but the most important part is that I managed to clean up my stuff from my fall semester in Intec.

I shifted my bed, table and stuff. I did it on my own, though I could just ask my brother to help me. So the highlight of this point is that I had a temporary solution for my no-wardrobe-problem. You see, I still haven’t had my own wardrobe since I moved out from my sister’s room. My clothes has been everywhere. Few weeks they were all piled up on floor, and weeks later I folded it nicely.. But still piled up on my bed. It was still a sore to the eyes at that time.

Back to my “temporary” solution to this.. what I meant was I managed to find a place for them. I still has a clothes rack, where I only hang my blouse and flowy stuff. They has a lower hanging part, I just put the rest of my folded clothes there. I wouldn’t bother anymore, but they were put nicely. Hopefully it will stay nice like that until I get myself a proper wardrobe.

I REALLY NEED TO GO FOR SHOPPING IN IKEA. Bummer! I need a table lamp, probably another lamp that I can have by my bed so I can read while laying on bed (not good for your eyes, kid). I still couldn’t accept that my christmas light i bought to decorate my bedroom was stolen lost.

D-1: Eulogy

Write a eulogy for a sandwich, to be delivered while eating it.

First of all, I’ve never written any eulogy before but I did came across some of it in novels. But here we go, for my most favourite breakfast.

Um, how do I start this. Okay, he is a really nice guy. You know, always be here when I’m in need of something to (um) eat. I’m sorry this is actually harder than I thought. But ofcourse, willingly to be packed with boring green and healthy stuff, that shows how concern he is for my health. Well, I did try to be nicer, so I add on some sauce on it. But you know there are times when things just could not go right like what we wanted. I ran out of sauce, and I only had salad dressings with me. Well those days are today. The last day I’m spending with you. With salad dressing, I hope you don’t mind honestly. You always know it’s a good day when you had tomato slice with you,  because honestly that’s when I did my grocery shopping. You always know, and that’s the reason why you are my favourite. You should know that you know, now that I’m going to finish the last bite of you. I hope you can see from up there how sincere I’m being right now. Honestly. To my (eaten) sandwich.

//To sandwich// *Toast with hot chocolate (more like hot Milo what am I kidding hahahaah)

I’m definitely googling on eulogy after this haha see you soon troops.

Thursday, 250AM accompanied by Travis’ beautiful covers collection.