For my very first weekly journal of my writing class, we were assigned with this particular topic or issue to discuss on with the help of some recommended movies by our dear lecturer, Ms. Vel. Out of the lists given, the one that I watched and hopefully to reflect on is from the movie called, “The Help”.

From my understanding of the movie, the timeline of the movie was during the 90s where black people do not have their own rights on this particular town in Mississippi. They even did not have the rights to be recognized by their own race, and yet they were labeled as ‘coloured’ people. I could not imagine to be standing in their place and being called such. We all know that the Americans are white, but that does not give the right for them to label other races as ‘coloured’ people.

This issue during the timeline set by the movie, was only highlighted in the particular town. They even had laws where these ‘coloured’ people were not allowed to have any contact other than formal stuff with white people. I don’t even think they had their own rights and freedom to choose a job, as from the movie, the job of the help has become a tradition in one’s family.

I remember one of the lines from the beginning of the movie, “Did you expect yourself to become a help?” and the question was from the writer to Aibileen, the helper. So she answered, “Yes, I did. I saw my mother became a helper, and so did my grandmother”.

Moreover, hygiene excuses has become one of the factor of the issue. These ‘coloured’ people were often labeled as dirty, the boss had even made a separate bathroom for the help outside of their houses. As for my humble opinion, no one holds the right to label people as something based on the colours. So does black really shows dirt? Does that make all whites angelic, then?

From my point of view, the hatred that has been going around will always go around in a circle. The hatred and despised of white people towards ‘coloured’ people which started all these racisms issue, has made the ‘coloured’ people to have the same kind of hatred towards them too. And so it goes on and on in a circle.

As what I see from the movie, the coloured people were even afraid of being treated nicely by white people. Because it was stated in the law at the time. They were even afraid that their life would be threaten if they would want the world to hear their voices of frustration.

How frustratingly annoying it is, the fact that you are not allowed to let yourself be heard. Yes, imagine yourself, being stopped from letting the world know your stories and suffering. Can you imagine how does it feel to be in their shoes?

I am certain that no one in this world deserve to feel like they are not worth living, and being despised for their whole life. I am wondering, do they really believe in justice? I do. Justice for all.


Peace be Upon You.


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