A moment of escapes 

As a geek of Harry Potter (and Potterhead as well), last night’s dream was a very enjoyable moment. 

It starts when a few friends and I was exploring in this one building -come to think of it, i think its my school. Anyways, i was trying to read my book in a quiet corner while listening to my ipod (eventhough I didn’t own one). Suddenly my friend shouted, -“Hey guys, you might want to check this out!”- she pushed what seemed like a secret entrance out of a bookshelf. 

After we pushed the bookshelf, we found ourselves in a room, which the best part is that, it looks like the Common Room*! Isn’t it cool? So we help ourselves by exploring the huge room, and i found another door that lead to another room, with enourmous windows. The atmosphere was really good as it was quiet and very peaceful. 

Trying not to make ourselves obvious, we quietly make our way out of the ‘common room’ and made a promise to keep this as a secret among us. However, the next day in class, one of us accidentally slipped about the common room to the whole class, and ofcourse they went crazy about finding the place. 

We were worried, so we went there much earlier so that we arrived before them. When we pushed the doorly bookshelf, there was a guard standing there. Pretty much shocked, we tried to excuse ourselves when he said we were not allowed to enter. We ran to the other side of the bookshelf before he finished the sentence. 

In spite of being chased out, we just sat there and stared blankly into the empty space. After few hours, we saw the rest of our classmates has found the entrance of the bookshelf, and for some time, we didn’t saw them coming out. We ran to the entrance and saw them wandering around the ‘common room’. 

So the room is actually open to anyone who wish to enjoy the quiet space, not really full with people walking around with no reasons. And it is actually open to public within the allocated time, and we arrived before the time. 

Rather being happy that we were actually allowed to use the room, we were feeling quiet sad that it is no longer the secret place where we can really relish the peace in a quiet space. 
Anyways anyhow, I still cannot accept this is merely a dream! Weirdly enough, we are approaching September 1st (the admission into Hogwarts) 🚂
August 30th, 2015


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