You’re doing great [your name].

 yes, there were times where we would feel insecure of others; The way your classmates’ brain work in math class, or when the teacher highlighted the best speaker of the presentation (being that it was not you). 

This is a perfect scenario of MY own insecurities. But ofcourse, we are not created impeccable! 

Every person has their own flaws and beauty, and it’s only a matter of self discovery. Some people didnt even know their strength, and most of the time they felt like they were not ‘fit’ into the society. 

However, self discovery is a whole long journey itself! But it can be from anything. It may occurs from a trivial event and you may not realize it. This is where it all depends on you. Its yourself who decides whether the event will be another typical incident or it can be something that has left you with some thoughts. 

I guess you can say it’s more like a reflective process. 

Anways, always start your day with a good vibe and positivity. Smile and wish every person you meet a happy good day to them! A single smile can bring a great changes though! 

Lastly, in spite of all your insecurities and lack of confidence, i know we can go through this journey together with a success. And you’re doing absolutely great, keep moving forward mates. 



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