weird emotions

This is actually a book, but i bought it wrapped like this. It’s more like a “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” concept. 

Dear John by Nicholar Sparks. It was a hard journey though. Yes, it’s a romance novel but i prefer to take it as two person who’s once can’t get enough falling for each other are living life differently, apart from one another. 

To the end of the book, i think love is portrayed more as a sacrifice made by a person, to see his/her love living a happy life. It’s never easy to just forget the dream he once had -to live a happy marriage with the ones he loves – and to know she is happily married with another man. 
A soldier, went to Iraq and survived and back to his base to receive the letter that starts with “Dear John,” and he knew where its going to lead. His dreams crushed (so do my heart). 

Well it’s never easy to handle with my stupid emotions after finising the book 😢 i can never understand why do i have to be so affected by such ending. 

That’s all. ( i have another book to do review on) 


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