First Weekend Of Semester Break

Okay I know today’s Monday but i’m just gonna update about my first weekend of my semester break. (oh yeah first semester has ended) woohoo, not sure if i should be happy or not.

So here we go. I finished two books of my new babies from Kinokuniya (during the Girl’s Night Out II) probably one of the best. Okay so I promised to myself I’d only read one book for the weekend, and another one after SAT which falls on November 7th, but I can’t help myself. Phew you never know how hard it is, but I failed miserably. So this one is kinda like a book review, (hopefully its spoiler free) hihi. Because they are so good, i need to put it down.


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This book has been in my top books-to-read-after-final list. But i kinda has started on it way before, after I saw a review and recommendation on it from bookvlog and stuff. But i could only afford to have it in iBook (huhu).

Its about a young girl named Lou who lost her job in Cafe which was about to shut down, and needed to find a new one asap. Turns out after lots of job interviews, none of them fits her. Until one last interview for a caretaker spot. Initially, she wouldn’t agree on that (worried that she might have to washed someone’s bum) but in the end she was reminded of her family who depends on her wages to live. So she went.

I guess I could say it was a whooooole new experience for her, and she definitely had a new horizons thanks to Will, the quadraplegic (im not sure if i spelled it right or not) guy she’s been looking after. Im trying hard not to spill out all the fun here (and sad moment).

One thing that im sure of, im new to this disabled thing. It has totally given me a new insight of what a quad (or disabled person) feels. They pretty much hate pity stares (who doesn’t). Everytime i found myself thinking again of Will’s frustration of not be able to do things he used to do before, it frustrates me even more. And that makes me (everytime) to agree what he wanted to do in the end; to end everything.

I’m sure I had a moment of joy and sadness through out the book. I’d definitely be lying that I wished Will somehow one day wake up normal again, and he and Lou could be happily ever after (I guess all books hate a happy ending)

Anyways, this book is great and i did not regret reading itttt, and hundred percent would recommend it to your books-to-read list 🙂


Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Now this book is beyond everything. I have never encountered something like this before. I saw it on one of booktuber’s book review, but didn’t really put it into my mind. But during our little trip to Kinokuniya, a friend of mine recommended it to me and said that it was so good eventhough she only read it halfway through. And i couldnt be more thankful to her for making me buying it.

It starts when one day from school, Clay found a box of tapes mailed to his front door, without a return address. As that couldnt be weird enough, it was a set of tape of recordings of a girl she liked before, who later comitted a suicide. Well the tapes? It has seven casettes with 13 sets of recordings, on why Hannah wanted to end her life.

What makes this book so special? Well because of its suspense, I wouldn’t even able to put it down since I ever started to read the first page. Yep.

I think when revealing all of her side of stories that she didn’t have a chance to tell on before, i realised how small little things and actions of ours could have ruined someone life. Like what she said in those recordings, its like a snowball effect. One thing leads to another. And it grows even bigger as it rolls down.

The thing is, Clay realised he could’ve been able to stop her when he had the chance on that one night. He has been feeling miserable after finding out Hannah didnt come back to school. He couldve known because the sign was there. He saw the pleading and misery in her eyes that night, but why didnt he helped her?

They had me like (wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu) in there. But in the end, i guess if it were me.. I wouldnt be able to help either. I mean probably I dint even realised the sign she had been signalling.

These two books are great, I’m looking forward to more adventures after the SAT (huhu). Ive tons of books i wand to finish because im looking forward for this end of the year’s booksale!

Me Before You -4.5/5

Thirteen Reasons Why -5/5


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