D-1: Eulogy

Write a eulogy for a sandwich, to be delivered while eating it.

First of all, I’ve never written any eulogy before but I did came across some of it in novels. But here we go, for my most favourite breakfast.

Um, how do I start this. Okay, he is a really nice guy. You know, always be here when I’m in need of something to (um) eat. I’m sorry this is actually harder than I thought. But ofcourse, willingly to be packed with boring green and healthy stuff, that shows how concern he is for my health. Well, I did try to be nicer, so I add on some sauce on it. But you know there are times when things just could not go right like what we wanted. I ran out of sauce, and I only had salad dressings with me. Well those days are today. The last day I’m spending with you. With salad dressing, I hope you don’t mind honestly. You always know it’s a good day when you had tomato slice with you, ¬†because honestly that’s when I did my grocery shopping. You always know, and that’s the reason why you are my favourite. You should know that you know, now that I’m going to finish the last bite of you. I hope you can see from up there how sincere I’m being right now. Honestly. To my (eaten) sandwich.

//To sandwich// *Toast with hot chocolate (more like hot Milo what am I kidding hahahaah)

I’m definitely googling on eulogy after this haha see you soon troops.

Thursday, 250AM accompanied by Travis’ beautiful covers collection.


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