(I am not skipping the second topic,  I swear)

Think about your day so far (even if it’s still morning). What’s the highlight at this point?

Now, today has been great. I have to admit it is the most productive day since I sat for SAT on Nov 7th (you may do the maths).

After early moning shower, though not very early..  I had my breakfast. So then I head to my room with the greatest determination to do some makeover for it! I’m halfway there, but the most important part is that I managed to clean up my stuff from my fall semester in Intec.

I shifted my bed, table and stuff. I did it on my own, though I could just ask my brother to help me. So the highlight of this point is that I had a temporary solution for my no-wardrobe-problem. You see, I still haven’t had my own wardrobe since I moved out from my sister’s room. My clothes has been everywhere. Few weeks they were all piled up on floor, and weeks later I folded it nicely.. But still piled up on my bed. It was still a sore to the eyes at that time.

Back to my “temporary” solution to this.. what I meant was I managed to find a place for them. I still has a clothes rack, where I only hang my blouse and flowy stuff. They has a lower hanging part, I just put the rest of my folded clothes there. I wouldn’t bother anymore, but they were put nicely. Hopefully it will stay nice like that until I get myself a proper wardrobe.

I REALLY NEED TO GO FOR SHOPPING IN IKEA. Bummer! I need a table lamp, probably another lamp that I can have by my bed so I can read while laying on bed (not good for your eyes, kid). I still couldn’t accept that my christmas light i bought to decorate my bedroom was stolen lost.


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