My Life Story in 5 sentences

Hi again people! (After so long, i know). So here’s an essay prompt from 21 creative writing essays that apparently i didn’t managed to follow. But im feeling like doing this one after a conversation with my friend. 

🌸 I find it hard to talk to new people in my life, sometimes if they look scary.

🌸 I’m still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts¿¿ (excuse meee)

🌸 I can drive better alone, compared when I’m with company (atleast that’s what i think)

🌸 I just recently redecorated my room with white furnitures from Ikea and my whole room smells like Ikea?? Haha

🌸 I happened to fall in love with planners and decorating them with lots of cute stickers and washi tapes but they are not as cheap as in the States but I don’t care (phew thats a long sentence)

-updated version:

Okay i know its supposed to be only 5 but who cares if i insisted on having more!! Yeahhh so like my friend adviced me to bend the rules (very nice friend, he is) im just gonna add one more ok! 

🌸 I like to pretend I’m in my own cooking show when i TRIED to cook something (honestly trust me when i said tried because im never really good in cooking) but god i do love cooking shows, hence number six! 😉 loveyall.

That’s all i guesss for this essay prompt. Im looking forward to write more though, oh i might put up my poem that i wrote in wattpad (recently started too don’t ask) 

Love u guys! 

Ps: second semester is starting at 4th January should i be excited or nervous¿


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