Pros of writing

So what’s with writing? It’s the thing that they can’t make you stop, and only wanting to write more. Now more prompts? Yay!

Finish this sentence: The smell of an orange reminds me of….

Now, the smell of orange reminds me of orange cake that my aunt loves to bake. You know how they grate the skin of the orange to give you the flavors in the cake? Yeah that one. 

Weirdly enough, it does not only remind me of orange cake, but also lemon cakes! I don’t know why, but specifically the lemon cake from a book I’ve once read when i was in highschool. The book is about how a girl ate her mother’s lemon cake one day and somehow can feel her mother feelings through the cake afterward. Ikr?? Im sorry I couldn’t put them in a better sentence but I don’t know how to describe about it. 

God help im such a suckish in writing!!!!! But i love ittt, honestly i also not sure why im living my life complicated. 

That’s all from me (for now) do expect more updates in the future!! Haha ((pls i assure)) 


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