Find a photo and write what’s not in the picture.

As usual, here’s one of the prompt that i find interesting to write on.


i honestly dont know how to crop from this website

Alright, here’s a picture of my (baby) Josh Hutcherson! Now, obviously the other squad of the Trio is not in this picture. Please tell me you know who i am referring to?? Okay it’s Jennifer and Liam. 

Honestly I ship Joshifer hard, but I know there are cool as friends. But I’ve seen photos of Jennifer and Liam and fans shipping Jiam?? Im not really sure what should i feel about it, but i kind of feel like they have something hidden that we don’t know. Could it be a love spark? 😭  

I’ve also heard that Jenniffer calls Liam little bear for some reason I don’t quite remember.. Anyways I’m excited for Jen’s new movie called Joy! I can’t wait for it to arriver here in Malaysia. 

Alright there you go, my attempt on trying to talk on things OTHER than Josh. I did it, applause. 

That’s all from me, until next post. Bye. 

Ps: On a second thought, I don’t want to post my poem from wattpad because it’s embarrassing. 

Happy New Year everyone! Lol 💞


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