A moment of escapes 

As a geek of Harry Potter (and Potterhead as well), last night’s dream was a very enjoyable moment. 

It starts when a few friends and I was exploring in this one building -come to think of it, i think its my school. Anyways, i was trying to read my book in a quiet corner while listening to my ipod (eventhough I didn’t own one). Suddenly my friend shouted, -“Hey guys, you might want to check this out!”- she pushed what seemed like a secret entrance out of a bookshelf. 

After we pushed the bookshelf, we found ourselves in a room, which the best part is that, it looks like the Common Room*! Isn’t it cool? So we help ourselves by exploring the huge room, and i found another door that lead to another room, with enourmous windows. The atmosphere was really good as it was quiet and very peaceful. 

Trying not to make ourselves obvious, we quietly make our way out of the ‘common room’ and made a promise to keep this as a secret among us. However, the next day in class, one of us accidentally slipped about the common room to the whole class, and ofcourse they went crazy about finding the place. 

We were worried, so we went there much earlier so that we arrived before them. When we pushed the doorly bookshelf, there was a guard standing there. Pretty much shocked, we tried to excuse ourselves when he said we were not allowed to enter. We ran to the other side of the bookshelf before he finished the sentence. 

In spite of being chased out, we just sat there and stared blankly into the empty space. After few hours, we saw the rest of our classmates has found the entrance of the bookshelf, and for some time, we didn’t saw them coming out. We ran to the entrance and saw them wandering around the ‘common room’. 

So the room is actually open to anyone who wish to enjoy the quiet space, not really full with people walking around with no reasons. And it is actually open to public within the allocated time, and we arrived before the time. 

Rather being happy that we were actually allowed to use the room, we were feeling quiet sad that it is no longer the secret place where we can really relish the peace in a quiet space. 
Anyways anyhow, I still cannot accept this is merely a dream! Weirdly enough, we are approaching September 1st (the admission into Hogwarts) 🚂
August 30th, 2015


But why shouldn’t she take some responsibility too for the rape?

blue milk

I am going to assume the person who left this comment on my post Don’t get raped is a man:

When it comes to any kind of crime, I think it is important to make a distinction between blame and responsibility. In all cases all of the blame belongs to the perpetrators. However, in some cases, some of the responsibility can also be put on the victim.

If a man goes alone through an area of the city at night and gets mugged, I would give him none of the blame, but some of the responsibility (He’s not at fault for doing what he did, but it was at least somewhat irresponsible of him to do so).

If a girl gets so completely drunk that she can not take care of herself and she ends up being raped, I would give her none of the blame, but still some of…

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Brave by Sara Bareilles


          Have you ever felt like you wanted your thoughts to be heard so badly? The way your thoughts and frustration were randomly built in your mind? –As for me, this sometimes would happen to me when I started to doubt myself.

Self-doubt, yes. The biggest enemy of moving forward is no other than self-doubting. This is why I wish to share about my favourite song, and also one of the most played in my playlist. It is Brave, by Sara Bareilles. On top of that, the song has somehow left a value in my life since  the first time I listened to it. It is something that I have never thought of considering before, which is to have a trust on myself. I hope that by sharing this song, all of my friends would be able to feel how I felt about this song.

The song Brave has influenced me in a sense that sometimes silent thoughts are so powerful that it has to be heard by the world. However, things will not go right on its own instead, it will with some effort and willingness add up to it. As much as it could relate to me, I know how other people’s word could hurt you. But then, it is us, ourselves who decide what do we choose to take it into our mind. Does it matter what others think of you?

Did you realised that there were some points in your life where you have plenty of choices laid down before your eyes, and the power of making the decision is in your hands? This is one of the point where most of the people start to doubt themselves.

There was one incident that could relate to this song, which everytime I hear this song it  reminds me of it. I attended this one course, and the activity for the week was about how to speak out our thoughts. The speaker has motivated us on that we should not limit ourselves and just say whatever that came across in our mind. On the same day, someone from the same course suggested this song and it really inspires me to be brave.

You can start speaking out

Nothing is gonna hurt you

The way the words do

And they settle ‘neath down your skin

Kept in the inside

And no sunlight

Sometimes the shadow wins

This song was also one of the reason I started to look on spoken poetry, and later learned how powerful thoughts can be. Spoken poetry is one of the medium for people to let their mind to be heard through poetry.  There is no right or wrong in telling your opinion, and the diversity that matters. Diversity in perspections, that is what I am looking forward to, today. As a matter of fact, it came from the song.

Which to conclude, I choose to be brave and to not let fear bring me down. Getting out of my comfort zone may used to be my fear, but then it is all about how I make the best out of anything. Cherish every moment you had, take the best advantage out of it. It is you who decide how it is going to end.

I wonder what would happen if you say what you wanna say

And let the words fall out

Honestly, I wanna see you be brave

With what you want to say

And let the words fall out

Honestly I wanna see you be brave


For my very first weekly journal of my writing class, we were assigned with this particular topic or issue to discuss on with the help of some recommended movies by our dear lecturer, Ms. Vel. Out of the lists given, the one that I watched and hopefully to reflect on is from the movie called, “The Help”.

From my understanding of the movie, the timeline of the movie was during the 90s where black people do not have their own rights on this particular town in Mississippi. They even did not have the rights to be recognized by their own race, and yet they were labeled as ‘coloured’ people. I could not imagine to be standing in their place and being called such. We all know that the Americans are white, but that does not give the right for them to label other races as ‘coloured’ people.

This issue during the timeline set by the movie, was only highlighted in the particular town. They even had laws where these ‘coloured’ people were not allowed to have any contact other than formal stuff with white people. I don’t even think they had their own rights and freedom to choose a job, as from the movie, the job of the help has become a tradition in one’s family.

I remember one of the lines from the beginning of the movie, “Did you expect yourself to become a help?” and the question was from the writer to Aibileen, the helper. So she answered, “Yes, I did. I saw my mother became a helper, and so did my grandmother”.

Moreover, hygiene excuses has become one of the factor of the issue. These ‘coloured’ people were often labeled as dirty, the boss had even made a separate bathroom for the help outside of their houses. As for my humble opinion, no one holds the right to label people as something based on the colours. So does black really shows dirt? Does that make all whites angelic, then?

From my point of view, the hatred that has been going around will always go around in a circle. The hatred and despised of white people towards ‘coloured’ people which started all these racisms issue, has made the ‘coloured’ people to have the same kind of hatred towards them too. And so it goes on and on in a circle.

As what I see from the movie, the coloured people were even afraid of being treated nicely by white people. Because it was stated in the law at the time. They were even afraid that their life would be threaten if they would want the world to hear their voices of frustration.

How frustratingly annoying it is, the fact that you are not allowed to let yourself be heard. Yes, imagine yourself, being stopped from letting the world know your stories and suffering. Can you imagine how does it feel to be in their shoes?

I am certain that no one in this world deserve to feel like they are not worth living, and being despised for their whole life. I am wondering, do they really believe in justice? I do. Justice for all.


Peace be Upon You.